Welcome to Dynamic Economic Optimization - Fall 2020

Course Objective

The purpose of the course is to study the applications of optimization models in agricultural and natural resource economics. Our focus is to develop the ability to formulate economizing problems mathematically, and learn computer algorithms to solve various types of optimization problems in agricultural production and natural resource management. Students will learn computer algorithms solving linear and nonlinear programming models, deterministic and stochastic dynamic models, and machine learning models.

Course Text

The primary text used in this class is:

Miranda, M. J., & Fackler, P. L. (2002). Applied Computational Economics and Finance (P. L. Fackler, ed.). Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press.

Professor of Record: Chenggang Wang, PhD

Office: Ag Sciences 301C

Phone: (806) 742-0261 ext. 238


Meeting Times: MW 1:00 – 2:20 pm @ AGRI 208

Office Hours: Zoom meetings with an appointment

Teaching Assistant: Matthew Aaron Looney, MS

Office: Ag Sciences 205C


Office Hours: Zoom meetings with an appointment

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updated: August 2020
Matthew Aaron Looney

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